Decades of Financial Guiding and Small Business Ownership

Scaling your business can be difficult, but there are easier routes to take- you just need a guide who knows the shortcuts. Even though you feel remote from the rest of the world, it does not have to be that way. Let us stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, taking this challenge with you. We can help you increase your profits, so you can increase your freedom.



Founder & CEO - Martin Riley

With a lifetime of experience in all roles of both small business and financial strategy, Martin has a proven track record of improving businesses’ profitability and long-term success. With our Accelerate Growth Workshop you can begin to increase profits and drive sustainable growth using our step-by-step process. We have recently expanded our workshops to accommodate teams of 4. Bring your team and begin to understand how to make profit driving decision the very next day.

“In 5 years, at a communications company that I was running, we were able to increase the workforce by over 800%, with these processes and business framing mind-sets that I will lay out for you in our workshops”
— Martin Riley, Founder & CEO of Junction Peak





We're not Accountants

We're About Straight-talk and Real Profits - With decades of experience in a wide array of financial and entrepreneurial roles, the Junction Peak team has built a proven, completely unique approach to accelerating profits and growth in small businesses. But don't just listen to us, see what our clients have to say.

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Structures to Accelerate Profits

Goals are Nothing without the Proper Structures. At Junction Peak we understand that having the proper structures in place is key to your long-term profitability. We are experienced financial and business managers who use end-to-end financial analysis tools and years of business acumen to help you execute on your goals. With disciplined financial structures, we can bring your vision to reality, Junction Peak is here to help.


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