You've had some Success with your Business. 

But do you feel like your business should be running smoother?

You as a Business Owner face many Challenges

Whether you are having cash flow difficulties, or feel like you should be making more profit. Maybe you're struggling with unclear financials, or feel your team lacks the knowledge to get you the information you need. Or possibly your business has grown but your profits have not. Junction Peak has the solutions to the challenges you face as a small business owner. We can remove that feeling of uncertainty surrounding your business financials, and get you to that profit point of where you know your business should be.

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We can Help your Team to

Clarify Financials

Create Financial Roadmaps

Improve Cash Flows

Uncover Lasting Profitability


The System your Business Needs

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 25 years, and we know what it takes to be successful. Junction Peak introduces a fresh perspective and proven system to guide your business to accelerate growth and increase profits. Using our Entrepreneur Financial Management System (EFMS), we have helped many entrepreneurs make better financial decisions leading to higher levels of profitability. Whether your business is too dependent on you, or isn’t making the amount of profit you want it to, Junction Peak will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to get you what you want.

Learn what Separates Successful Businesses from the Rest

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Flat Fee Monthly Services

Our proven process and techniques can be found in all of our CFO-delivered services. We start by guiding your management team to a profit-driven mindset. Our process teaches you and your team fundamental financial concepts, and gives you the financial tools needed for long-term, sustainable success. With Junction Peak at your side, your business can start to run on its own, giving you the sustainability you need for the future.

EFMS Essentials

Businesses up to $1 million in revenue

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With EFMS Essentials, our CFOs will work with you to build forward-looking financial models and meet with you monthly to keep you on track. Essentials is specially designed for smaller businesses who need a financial decision making system to increase profits and improve cash flow. All while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

EFMS Professional

Businesses $1 - $10 million in revenue

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With our EFMS Professional, our CFOs will work with you to create a three-year strategic financial plan, build forward-looking financial models, profit center models, and meet with you monthly to keep you on track. Professional is specially designed for medium size businesses who need a financial decision making system to increase profits, build value, and create owner independence. All while improving and tracking your actual ROI.

Client Success Stories

"We are four times the revenue since we started using Junction Peak's EFMS process. We also show significantly more profits”

Lorena Siminovich

CEO and Founder of Petit Collage

“Our sales have doubled, but more importantly, our profits have quadrupled”

Greg Banks

CEO and Founder of Banks Integration Group Inc.

"Their simple, yet in-depth planning systems are second to none, they have made growth simple."

Tim Tilley

CEO of Superior Abatement Services Inc.