After being a Vistage member (and member of many other peer-to-peer business groups) for a number of years, I understand the challenges faced when searching for a new speaker. Having a well lead business event or meeting depends on the caliber of the speaker, their ability to deliver a relevant and impactful presentation/workshop, in a way that is captivating.

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Martin Riley - CEO & Founder of Junction Peak

Martin Riley - CEO & Founder of Junction Peak

A little about me

I have had a lifetime of experience in all roles of both small business and financial strategy. During my career I have developed a small business workshop that breaks down complex business finance problems and gives simple solutions. My workshop Improving your Financial IQ, has helped many business owners to change their mindset and how they look at their business. Helping them understand the importance of their businesses’ value and how to build for it.. Want to know More about me? Take a look at my Bio

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With over a dozen Vistage Group presentations in the last 16 months, Martin has been helping Vistage Chairs to offer excellent small business financial strategies and techniques to their members.

  • Average of 4.8 stars out of 5 (rated by Members)
  • 100% recommendation from all Vistage Chairs

3 time guest lecturer and workshop leader, Martin has been asked to return several times to various CSIA functions including the annual National Business Executive Conference.


Hear what attendees are saying

Martin gave great information on normally difficult and hard to breakdown topic. He was able to make the material relatable and actionable
— Vistage Collegeville, PA
Very useful for top management in a company to use daily. Highly recommend every Vistage group to see his presentation.
— Vistage Baton Rouge, LA
The material presented was well organized. A unique way to view enterprise value. Any company could use this.
— Vistage Tacoma, WA
We learned a great deal and were reminded to do things we are letting slip. I plan to hire Martin to do some consulting for us.
— Vistage Carlsbad, CA

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Email:                                   Cell: 530.913.5189


Learn about my Presentation

Improving your Financial IQ

How many of your clients or members struggle with “managing their business by the numbers”? How many of your clients or members really knows what this means, let alone have a system to do it?

I love speaking to small and medium size business owners about this subject. I always get looks of amazement from my attendees when they find out how simple it can be. Implementing a simple and proven system following my “Improving Your Financial IQ” workshop, will have the single largest impact on the performance of your members business's. In my talks, I discuss the three major components of my proven financial system: Mindset, Strategy, and Execution. I will give each member the knowledge and language they need to understand and plan their financial management, and then give them the tools they need to execute their financial plans with discipline.

We take the business of speaking seriously. We show up prepared to not only deliver a great presentation, but to make sure you, the facilitator, are successful. We are very organized around our own execution of any talk. We have standard before, during, and after checklists to ensure everything goes off perfectly. And we use only professionally designed handouts for the participants to take notes on, not cheap xerox copies.

Here is what you can expect

  • Initial kick-off call with you and myself to discuss your speaker needs and how we can help.
  • Flyer for you to use in your promotions and to give to your members detailing the topics for the workshop.
  • Dynamic Presentation (not a powerpoint) focusing on business mindset, strategy, and execution.
  • Professionally Designed handouts for each member to take notes during the lecture.
  • Email follow up to your members asking them to get the most out of my lecture by taking the Value Builder Assessment. To learn more about Value Builder CLICK HERE

Want to know More about me? Take a look at my Bio


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Email:                                   Cell: 530.913.5189