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Cash Flow Tips: Profitable but Still Struggling?

Cash flow management isn’t something only for business owners struggling to make a profit. Often times, we find that successful businesses often have the hardest time maintaining positive cash flows. Learn the 6 tips for balancing cash flows in your small business today.


Value Proposition: Larger Profits Await

The reality is that Value Proposition IS your business model, and it is of great concern to both marketing and operations. When operations and marketing coordinate and work together as a team around Value Proposition, higher profits are guaranteed. To see a clear example of value proposition, look no further than the automotive industry.

Quiz: Are you strategic or opportunistic

To be a strategic business owner, it takes knowledge of your company’s finances and the discipline to hold to your plans. Learn the difference between strategic and opportunistic entrepreneurs, which are you? You might be surprised.

how much goodwill does your business have?

The term “goodwill” is often thrown around in conversation as though it is a subjective description of how much your customers like your business.

In fact, when it comes to valuing your business, there is nothing subjective about the definition of goodwill. It is defined as the difference between what someone is willing to pay for your company minus the value of your hard assets.

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Changing Your Culture

Changing your culture with a strategic disciplined financial approach. Can you change the culture of your company with finances? The following case study shows you can! Utilizing principles of our Strategic Financial Management Process, an incentive plan was designed to specifically accomplish the company’s strategic goals, and align management with ownership’s interests.

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