Workshop Downloads

KPI Trends Workshop Excel document, use this document as a template to build your own KPI trends worksheet

KPI Cheatsheet has the top small business KPIs by department. To improve you must know where you stand. 


Value Builder Assessment

So, you’ve built a successful business…Now what?

And that’s where Value Builder comes in. Get a true dollar estimate of value for your business, along with a detailed report on what is driving and detracting from that value, and reveal what is hindering your business growth.

Whether you want to sell for a premium—or just know that you could—The Value Builder Assessment will ensure you’ve got all of the options for the business and life you deserve.


Know Your Business Value

When you complete the Value Builder Score questionnaire, you’ll get an overall Value Builder Score out of 100 plus your score on the eight key drivers of value, which are statistically proven to increase the value of your company. Show you what is driving value in your business