“Helping my clients see measurable value from developing strategic financial plans, gives me great satisfaction. I also enjoy seeing their enthusiasm grow as we utilize our models to demonstrate desired outcomes.”
— Steve Neptune - Junction Peak CFO

Our Step-by-Step Process

With decades of experiences in small business financial management, Junction Peak has developed a 3 step process for implementing EFMS into your business. Step 1: What's Really Driving Your Business? Step 2: Financial Tools, Strategies, and Mindsets. Step 3. On-Going, Disciplined Strategies and Financial Frameworks.


How it Works

Step 01: Value Builder Assessment: Offered Now, Completely FREE of Charge. So, you’ve built a successful business…Now what? And that’s where Value Builder comes in. Get a true dollar estimate of value for your business, along with a detailed report on what is driving and detracting from that value, and reveal what is hindering your business growth. Take the Value Builder →

Step 02: Detailed Initial Analysis Your Business: Junction Peak's in-depth Initial Analysis of your company will completely change the focus of your business mind-set, setting you up to dramatically accelerate long-term growth and profitability. 

Step 03: Essentials and Professional Services:  Our services are designed to increase profits and, more importantly, to drive Value. Using proven processes and strategy, we deliver our EFMS process effectively and affordably to grow your business. Learn more about Our Services 


The Results

Clarify Your Financials

Your vision is what made you successful, but every business can be more profitable. Junction Peak guides you and your team to making better financial decisions to help you accelerate your business's growth and lessen the dependency your business has on you day-to-day, giving you the time to focus on your vision. 


Create a Financial Roadmap for the Future

Make Smarter Decisions, utilizing our proven financial forecasting and strategic planning, we prepare a simple financial road map for you and your team to follow. Junction Peak will also provide you with a meeting structure that will bring discipline to this process. Lastly, we will give you sound financial advice to help you interpret results and make strategic decisions.


Improve Cash Flow and Stay on Track

Dramatically Increase Profit More often than not, running your business can feel like you are stuck on repeat. As business owners we can often make decisions based on short-term results and not be focused on driving sustainable growth. Junction Peak has been helping entrepreneurs break the routine, leading to dramatically increased profits. All of this delivered at a value that makes sense for your business.