Strategic, Step-by-Step Online Workshop

Accelerate Your Business's Value

We’ve built a step-by-step process that has helped SMB entrepreneurs establish a clear plan of action and, more importantly, sustain growth. Are you ready to maximize your company’s value? Take the workshop at your own pace from the convenience of your office. And to help keep you on track, you will have access to one of our CFOs to help you understand the process and answer any questions.


Clarify Financial and Make Better Decisions



Accelerating Growth Online Workshop

Accelerate Growth means; increasing profits, clarifying financial paths, and lessening the dependency your business has on you.

4 Strategic Modules

Module 1- Plan for Value

This module all about establishing your current value, strategically planning for the next three years, and creating a vision.

  • Value Driven Plan - Understand what it means to think like an Investor.
  • Value Builder - Receive an estimate of Value for your business, as well as scores for the different aspects of your business that are driving or hindering your Value.
  • Financial Expert - 45 minute call with an expert financial guide.
  • ROI Worksheet - Set a 3 year plan to value, told through numbers.
  • 3 Year Vision - A vision of your business expressed in terms of value building attributes.

Module 2 - Build the Vision

In this module we will focus on turning your vision into reality. Using our proven analytical frameworks, you will discover what assists your business in accomplishing its objectives, and what obstacles must be overcome or minimized to achieve your desired results.

  • Current State - Now that we know where we want to go with our business, it’s important to understand where we currently stand.
  • SWOT Analysis - While a SWOT analysis has become a common business practice, we prompt you with questions on how to approach a SWOT, to truly get real-world value and actionable results.

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Module 3 - Bridge the Gap

Here we will bring everything from module one and two into reality. Implementing a solid financial strategy, we will help you get to that next level of business profitability.

  • Key Initiatives - We start the process of prioritization and define 3-4 key initiatives , that when completed, bring us closer to our three-year value target.
  • One-Year Vision - Now similar to the 3 Year Vision exercise, you will paint a picture of what your organization will look like at the end of the year if you were to execute on all your goals.

Module 4 - Execution for Accelerated Growth

A strategy is nothing without a methodically planned execution. In this final module we will walk you through how to implement your plan and accelerate  your growth strategically.

  • One Year Vision Guarantee - In this exercise we will define what must happen to ensure we are successful in accomplishing our goals, as well as define those things that may hold us back.
  • Re-take Value Builder Assessment - Re-take the Value Builder to make sure all of your planning is worth it, that you have gone far enough.
  • Activity Scorecard - Create a Scorecard to track the execution of your initiatives, clearly define accountability, and ensure success.




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Our Accelerating Growth Online Workshop comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Meet Some of our Clients

"We are four times the revenue since we started using Junction Peak's EFMS process. We also show significantly more profits”

Lorena Siminovich

CEO and Founder of Petit Collage

“Our sales have doubled, but more importantly, our profits have quadrupled”

Greg Banks

CEO and Founder of Banks Integration Group Inc.

"Their simple, yet in-depth planning systems are second to none, they have made growth simple."

Tim Tilley

CEO of Superior Abatement Services Inc.

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