You've Built your Business Yourself

But as your business grows and changes, decision become more complicated.

Don't you wish there was a simple way to know which decisions will drive your company forward?


Smart Decision Making  Online Workshop


Accelerate Your Business's Value

We've developed a step-by-step workshop specifically for small to medium-size businesses. Our online workshop focuses on making smart, strategic business decisions for the future and growth of your company. Start making the right decisions today!

“As a business owner, the online workshop from Junction Peak helped me to see how I could improve the decisions I was making. Instead of having to cut costs, I was able to increase profits immediately without increasing my sales!”
— Shaun S - Construction Company Owner

Those who have taken our online workshop were able to:

  • Make Smarter Decisions to Drive Business Growth
  • Understand your Business Value Drivers and Detractors
  • Keep their financial performance measured and on-track
  • Increase their company's profitability and sustainability

Online Workshop Takeaways:

  • Return on Investment workbook
  • Real value of your business compared to thousands of other businesses in your industry
  • Three-year vision of value
  • SMB SWOT workbook
  • Key Strategic Initiatives
  • Financial meeting agenda to keep your team on track
  • Business scorecard

Online Workshop $295


Online Workshop consists of 4 Modules

Module 1- Plan for Value

Walk away from this module with a vision of the next three years and a step-by-step plan to get there.

  • Value Driven Plan - Understand what it means to think like an Investor.
  • Value Builder - Receive an estimate of Value for your business, as well as scores for the different aspects of your business that are driving or hindering your Value.
  • Financial Expert - 45 minute call with an expert financial guide.
  • ROI Worksheet - Set a 3 year plan to value, told through numbers.
  • 3 Year Vision - A vision of your business expressed in terms of value building attributes.

Module 2 - Build Profits

In this module we will focus on your real business value and what is building profits and detracting.

  • Current State - Now that we know where we want to go with our business, it’s important to understand where we currently stand.
  • SWOT Analysis - While a SWOT analysis has become a common business practice, we prompt you with questions on how to approach a SWOT, to truly get real-world value and actionable results.

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Module 3 - Bridge the Gap

Here we will bring everything from module one and two into reality. Implementing a solid financial strategy, we will help you get to that next level of business profitability.

  • Key Initiatives - We start the process of prioritization and define 3-4 key initiatives , that when completed, bring us closer to our three-year value target.
  • One-Year Vision - Now similar to the 3 Year Vision exercise, you will paint a picture of what your organization will look like at the end of the year if you were to execute on all your goals.

Module 4 - Execution for Accelerated Growth

A strategy is nothing without a methodically planned execution.

  • One Year Vision Guarantee - In this exercise we will define what must happen to ensure we are successful in accomplishing our goals, as well as define those things that may hold us back.
  • Re-take Value Builder Assessment - Re-take the Value Builder to make sure all of your planning is worth it, that you have gone far enough.
  • Activity Scorecard - Create a Scorecard to track the execution of your initiatives, clearly define accountability, and ensure success.




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