Accelerate Growth Workshop

Accelerate Growth means; increasing profits, clarifying financial paths, and lessening the dependency your business has on you.

Entrepreneurs from across the country have taken our workshops, gaining knowledge and concepts that can be applied to their business the very next day. Come and see why so many small business owners rely on Junction Peak. We have recently expanded our in-person workshops to include teams (up to four people) for just $1,495.00.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 2 Days of powerful workshops designed for walk away Value!
  • Create a 3 Year Strategic Financial Plan
  • A custom report - Estimation of your company’s Value
  • Create a Scorecard to track the most important KPIs and Initiatives for the year
  • A tailor-made, efficient, and highly effective Financial Meeting Agenda
  • Proven template for Profit Center modeling
  • Options on the best financial management tools
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY- Financial advice from a team that lives and breathes small business finance!

Workshop Host: Martin Riley

With a lifetime of experience in all roles of both small business and financial strategy, Martin has a proven track record of improving businesses’ profitability and long-term success. With our Accelerate Growth Workshop you can begin to increase profits and drive sustainable growth using our step-by-step process. We have recently expanded our workshops to accommodate teams of 4. Bring your team and begin to understand how to make profit driving decision the very next day.

“In 5 years, at a communications company that I was running, we were able to increase the workforce by over 800%, with these processes and business framing mind-sets that I will lay out for you in our workshops”
— Martin Riley, Founder & CEO of Junction Peak

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MAY 16th - 17th

Philadelphia, PA

JUNE 14th

Indianapolis, IN

JUNE 15th

Costa Mesa, CA


JULY 13th - 14th

Sacramento, CA

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SEPT 14th - 15th

Sacramento, CA

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NOV 9th - 10th

Sacramento, CA

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