EFMS Essentials Pricing Structure

Initial Analysis

One-time Fee

In this one-time fee, we provide a thorough in-depth analysis of your business including: 3 year analysis of your financials, Industry Comparisons, estimate of value for your business, detailed analysis of your company’s value drivers and detractors, and much more.

Starting at $1,795

Deposit $695


Monthly Engagement

Monthly Flat Fee

The EFMS Essentials Monthly Engagement provides you with a hands-on approach from a dedicated CFO who will guide you and your team in executing on your business vision and goals with monthly web-based meetings

Starting at $795/mo

You will soon be seeing your business in ways you never had before. Working side-by-side with your dedicated, experienced CFO, we will help you and your team make better business decisions, getting you to that next level of business performance. Begin EFMS Essentials Today. Book your Initial Analysis now or schedule a meeting with one of our CFOs to discuss how we can work with you and your business.