You Made your Own History. You Built your Business from the Ground Up.

But overcoming business problems aren't as simple as they used to be.

That's where we come in. Junction Peak has helped business owners in all stages of their business. We focus on creating simple, step-by-step business plans to help you bring your business to that next level. We use monthly meetings to make sure you stay on track and hit the goals we outline. 


What you get with EFMS PROFESSIONAL

Initial Assessment & Monthly Engagement


Initial Analysis

In our Professional Initial Analysis, our CFOs will take a deep dive into your organization’s financials, sales pipeline, payroll, organizational charts, and HR to get to know your business’s goals and vision. We will then tailor our proven financial models to meet your specific circumstances. Our EFMS Professional Initial Analysis will help you create a step-by-step roadmap to achieve that next level of business success. Our initial analysis includes:

  • Observations and recommendations on your Information and Accounting system
  • Observations on how your Org Chart, Sales, and HR are impacting your financial performance
  • Fundamentals of financial methodologies
  • Estimate of Value for your business
  • Detailed analysis of your company’s Value drivers and detractors
  • Income statements, Balance Sheets, and current model review
  • Lay out a Value-driving System for dramatically increased profits
  • A FUTURE estimate of Value for your business based on completion of strategic plan
  • Industry Analysis and Comparisons
  • And much more”

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Monthly Engagement

You and your team will work side-by-side with one of our experienced CFOs. We will use our proven EFMS process to create strategic initiatives guiding you and your team, step-by-step, to success and greater profitability. Our thorough and disciplined monthly process will make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. In the EFMS Professional Monthly Engagement, you will have a dedicated, proven financial team in your corner:


  • Construct Financial Statement and Profit Center models
  • Company and Profit Center analysis
  • Board presentations and discussions
  • Create annual strategic initiatives and SMART goals
  • Tax and Bank Planning
  • Incentive-based Management Compensation planning


  • Monthly In-Person Meetings to keep on track
  • Custom tailored EFMS processes
  • Profit Center financial review
  • Track execution of strategic initiatives
  • Execute your 1 and 3 year business vision and goals
  • Key Advisor Coordination
  • Disciplined Organizational Processes

You will soon be seeing your business in ways you never have before. Working side-by-side with your dedicated, experienced CFO, we will help you and your team make better business decisions and get you to that next level of business performance. Begin EFMS Professional Today